A brief history

This is a brief history about beautiful love…

Once upon a time Ziegfried a young man coming from the wasteland.

Despite being born in a rich family and having a good life, he felt anguish inside his soul everyday and didn’t know why.

The years have passed by and the anguish was turned in a hole in his heart. Then Ziegfried decided to start a journey in quest for a reason to his life.

Diving into the unknow world, walking under starts, fighting with dragons and darkness he has met a lady called Emerald, a woman that has green eyes like a jewel and her hair is black like the ocean depths.

Emerald has been together with Ziegfried teaching his spirit how to grow.

Esta breve estória foi criada para um trabalho do curso de inglês onde deveríamos elaborar uma fábula para apresentar-mos aos colegas durante a aula. Gostei tanto da minha estória que quis publicar aqui no blog =]

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